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I'm Alvaro Aguayo  and I grew up in Peru. My love for photography began in 1993 when I got my first camera: a film/acuatic "Vivitar".
My passion grew and in 1998 acquired my first SLR camera (a used NIKON FG), and soon after I bought my beautiful Medium Format Camera (MAMIYA RB67). I started to shoot part time and developing my own images in my home-studio / dark room. It was an amazing experience.

In 2003 my wife and I decided to make my photography career a full time endevour and adventure.

I've done over one thousand weddings and ten times more on portraits since I started (an almost 20 years' career). I enjoy every moment of it and I'm very happy with the quality I provide to my clients, and also to be able to offer it at an affordable price.

I am blessed with a beautiful family who are my happines, joy and peace. They give me the balance in my life.

I'm also and enthusiast actor and an avid entrepreneur. I enjoy many hobbies which includes mountain biking, cycling, camping, hiking, snowshoeing, snow boarding and many other activities.

I offer a fresh perspective and a unique look for weddings and portraits alike with a sense of journalism and fashion flare. I  put all my art and talent to create your story  so you can enjoy it and remember it with happiness every single day for years and decades in the future.

Visit my personal web site: alvaroaguayo.com




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